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[heading size=”h3″ extra=””]GateHouse Properties[/heading][icon_box icon_image=”fa-group” title=”Awesome Agents” description=”We know lots of areas in Orange County, California: connect with us.” start=”ul” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-th-list” title=”Property Search” description=”Advanced search features help your search.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-search” title=”Advance Search Options” description=”Make your search easy with live MLS results.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-group” title=”Agents Profile” description=”Visit our agent page to get to know us.” start=”” end=”ul”][/one_third][one_third extra=”widget_popular_agent column” anim=””][heading size=”h3″ extra=””]Featured Agent[/heading]
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[/one_third][one_third extra=”column” anim=””][heading size=”h3″ extra=””]Client Testimonials[/heading]
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